Why Primer Is Important in Interior Home Painting

August 23rd, 2022 in Interior Painting
Why Primer Is Important in Interior Home Painting

There are different types of primer, and primers serve an important purpose in interior painting. In today’s blog, we are going to take a look at what primer does and why it is so important when taking on a project for your Surrey home.


There are a few reasons to use primer, and one of them is colour. If you are painting a light colour over a dark one, you will get a much better colour result if you cover the previous paint with primer. Primer will cover and seal the previous colour, preventing it from bleeding through the new coat of paint.

Blemished Surface

If surfaces being painted have blemishes, then primer will help to cover them. The primer will give the painter a much smoother surface to work on which will lead to a better final result.

Volume of Paint

Primer prepares a surface for painting. Some surfaces, such as drywall and taping are not ready for the final coat of paint. Without primer, several coats of paint would be required to get a professional finish, especially of a bright or dark colour. By using primer, fewer coats of the final paint will be needed, which reduces the cost of the job and reduces the amount of work needed.

Professional painters know exactly what type of primer is required for a project. If your house interior needs painting, let professionals give you the result that you deserve.

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