Why Experience Matters With Interior Painting

by admin December 23rd, 2021 in Choosing a Painting Service
Level 5 Painters Priming Interior Paint Job

Work experience is important in every profession, and painting is no exception. Have you ever wondered why experience is so important with painting? In this article we’re going to explain it.


An experienced painter knows what paint to use for each and every job. Different paints and different brands perform differently, and an experienced painter is going to choose the right paint with the right finish, so that you end up with the perfect finish on your walls and ceiling.


The experienced painter has the tools and experience to know how to prep the surfaces. He or she will know if they need to be cleaned, how to fill in holes or imperfections, and what is needed for a perfect finish. Without the right prep work, your colours may not look right. You may not have the right number of coats of paint. You may not receive the primer that you sorely need to cover a previous dark colour. If your painter walks in and starts painting right away without preparing for the job at hand, then you risk a lot of problems down the line.


There are special tools for special jobs: sprayers for certain finishes, special brushes for different techniques, and tools to clean up any paint that went astray. An experienced painter comes with what he or she needs and knows how to use the tools the way they were intended.

People often think that painting is an easy DIY job, but it’s not. A professional painting job looks a whole lot different than a DIY job. The experienced painter will have perfect, even coverage without any wiggly lines, overspray, or flashing. And the experienced painter will do all this in a fraction of the time that you will spend on it yourself. Do it right the first time, and hire professionals. Call us in Vancouver at (604) 910-4828, and talk to us about your painting needs.  

Level 5 Painting are experienced and dependable interior and exterior, residential and commercial painters based in Surrey, British Columbia. The Level 5 Painting crew performs at the highest industry standards to exceed your expectations and deliver painting projects with phenomenal results.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about your next painting project, then please call us at 604-835-5663.


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