What To Look for When Inspecting a Professional Interior Paint Job

by admin March 30th, 2022 in Choosing a Painting Service
Professional Interior Paint Job Inspection

There are many differences between a professional paint job and an amateur one. A trained eye will spot many of these differences quickly. Here’s our list of what you should look for if you are inspecting a professional paint job.

Good Coverage

The first thing to look for is good coverage on the wall. Most paints need two coats, and, especially dark colours, which might need three. If you don’t have good coverage you will see “flashing” or streaks of the old color underneath the new color. The new color should be smooth, solid, and completely cover the old.   Also, good quality paint should give you a smooth and flawless coverage. You should not see bumps or brush strokes in the paint. And walls should be smooth; blemishes on walls should have been fixed and filled by the painter before starting.


Look at the corners, especially between the wall and ceiling. There should be a crisp line that separates the wall color from the ceiling color. A wavy line there is a telltale indication that the painter was not a professional.


Was the trim neatly done? Is there any trim paint spilling over onto the wall or the window glass? Trim should look neat and crisp. There is no margin for error.


Is there any paint on your floors that was not cleaned up by the painters? This is a big no-no. Sometimes drops happen, but they should be promptly cleaned up. Painters should also clean up after themselves every day, placing all of their paints and tools together. When professionals are finished for the day, they tidy up.  

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