Tips on Dealing With Interior Paint Off-Gassing

January 22nd, 2024 in Interior Painting
Tips on Dealing With Interior Paint Off-Gassing

Anyone who has ever repainted a room knows that there is some smell associated with repainting. So, how can you minimize the smell? That is what we are going to talk about today in our blog article.


Ventilation is the first suggestion. If you can, open some windows and allow a draft to pass through the room or rooms. This is just common sense, but during the winter, this may not be easy or even possible. This is the simplest solution, and the first one to try if possible.


If your heat is on, turn down the heat. The warmer the room is, the more the paint will off-gas. The smell will dissipate more quickly in a cool room than a hot one.

Charcoal and/or Baking Soda

Another suggestion, if you are very sensitive is to leave some bowls of either activated charcoal or baking soda around for a couple of days in any rooms that have been freshly painted. Both of these products are good at absorbing odors.


This will sound crazy, but some people think it works. You can certainly try it. Cut some onions in half, and leave them cut side up on plates inside your painted rooms. It is not clear exactly why or how this works. Aldehydes are what make paints smell. Onions may mitigate the odor because of Syn-propanethial-S-oxide emitted by the onion or it could be thiols given off by the onion. In any case, many people swear by it.

The good news is that new paint does not smell strongly for long. You should only find the smell offensive for the first day or two. After that, the smell is more one of fresh and clean, which is one reason you probably painted in the first place.

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