The Best Paints for Children’s Rooms

by admin January 28th, 2022 in Information
Painting Children Rooms

Children’s rooms usually have a lot of wear and tear because children are, well, busy! Here are some considerations for choosing paint for a child’s room.


The first thing is how easy is the paint to clean. The glossier a paint is, the easier it is to clean. However, if you scrub an eggshell or glossy paint enough times, the paint will suffer and lose some of the shine. Also, the glossier a paint is, the more it shows imperfections in the wall. So, there will be a trade-off between the wall looking the best it can look and the wall being the easiest to clean.

Magnetic Paint

There are magnetic paints with tiny bits of iron embedded in the paint. In theory, these paints make a wall magnetic. In practice, however, the magnetic qualities are very weak, and if you choose magnetic paint, it is unlikely that the child will be able to hang much on the wall beyond the lightest of magnets. You could use the super powerful magnets, but they are dangerous for children and can be deadly if swallowed. Think twice before choosing magnetic paint.

Chalkboard Paint

Another possibility is to use chalkboard paint, or paint that makes a wall erasable like a chalkboard. These paints are better at doing what they claim to do, and they are available in a lot of colors. The downside is that your child’s wall can look a graffitied subway platform, and there will be plenty of dust in the air from constant chalk use. You might be better off to use normal paint and just hang a small chalkboard on the wall.

Whatever you do, discourage your kids from putting stickers on the walls or doors. These stickers can be extremely difficult to remove, when the child grows out of that phase.

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