The Best Paint for Mudrooms and Entrances

December 26th, 2022 in Interior Painting
The Best Paint for Mudrooms and Entrances

You should give some careful consideration to what type of paint you are going to use in a mudroom or entrance. These are areas where there is likely more traffic than in other areas. For example, someone may come in the door, even if they do not continue through the house.

In addition, mudrooms and entrances are where dirt tends to accumulate. People may remove their wet outer clothing or dirty boots and leave them there. So, colour and texture of paint are the important points in order to disguise dirt and make the areas easy to clean.


It is a good idea to use a neutral colour that is not white. White will show every smudge or splatter of dirt faster than any other colour. Most people stick to neutrals because it helps with resale value, but the darker the better for disguising dirt.

Consider using one tone or shade darker in the mudroom or entrance just to hide dirt. You can always add more light either with a glass panel in the door or additional artificial lighting if you think it looks too dark.


Paint texture is the next consideration. In general, the glossier the paint, the easier it is to clean. So, you would not want a matte paint in these areas that collect dirt. Some paint companies make specific paint lines for high-traffic areas, and your professional painter can advise you depending on whose paint he/she likes to use.

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