Spruce up Your Home This Spring With a New Coat of Paint

February 26th, 2024 in Exterior Painting
Spruce up Your Home This Spring With a New Coat of Paint

Paint, like everything else in your house, does not last forever. Your Surrey exterior needs repainting roughly every 10 years or less, depending on your location, orientation, and weather. Your interior needs repainting more often then that—maybe every five years.

So, while many of us in Surrey are busy with spring cleaning, a new coat of paint inside your house will do wonders for how it looks. Over time, paint gets chipped, dirty, can fade in the sun, and just looks tired.

A new coat of paint can not only rectify the problems noted above, but it can also fix a less than perfect job the last time your house was painted. Here are some reasons to get a new coat of paint:

Add Resale Value to Your Surrey Home

If you are considering selling your Surrey home, a new coat of paint makes everything look fresh, clean, and newer. This is also your opportunity to repaint with moderate and neutral colours which will help you sell your house. Most buyers are not going to like your orange bathroom or purple bedroom.

Repairs and Chips

You will get a much better result repainting a whole room, than you will trying to repair and repaint small areas. If your paint is dinged by busy children or pets, or faded from the sun, then repainting a room is the best answer.


Painting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to redesign the feel of a room or several rooms. If you are not reselling your Surrey home anytime soon, then choose colors that you love, and give your home a totally different feel.

We encourage you to include interior or exterior repainting as part of your spring clean-up. You will be amazed how much better your house looks with a fresh coat of paint.

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