Spring Paint Colours to Brighten Your Surrey Home

March 20th, 2024 in Interior Painting
Spring Paint Colours to Brighten Your Surrey Home

This spring would be a great time to repaint some of your Surrey home’s interior. With our Lower Mainland damp oceanic climate, our homes suffer plenty of wear and tear. Many people do not realize that interiors and exteriors need to be repainted on a regular basis.

Some cheerful colours would really raise your spirits and make your home look a hundred times better. In today’s blog article, we are going to talk about the spring colours trending in Canada in 2024.

Pastel Is Out

Light colours are good, but they are not as light as in the past. The colours trending right now are warmer and more saturated, so don’t be afraid to choose a colour with more depth.

Yellow Is In

Yellow is very on point this year and warmer, richer shades than in the recent past. Your kitchen or bedroom would look great with a new coat of warm yellow. In Surrey, where we have lots of overcast weather, yellow will really brighten the home.

Neutrals Always Work

Neutral colours are always good, but the neutrals trending now are richer and less pastel than before. Some are saying brown is the new black. Don’t hold back with all the different possibilities with earthy browns that look good in every room. Gray is not as popular, but brown and taupe are in.

Remember that no matter what you choose, you have to live with it, so pick colours that you like and make you feel good. Surrey is a popular place to live and repainting your home always helps with property value. If you do not plan to stay in your home for long, then stick with neutrals, but some new paint will still look great.

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