How to Prepare for a Painting Job

by admin February 28th, 2022 in Interior Painting
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How you prepare for a residential painting job depends on what is being painted and also the painter. Most professional painters will do the following for you, but some of the prep work can be started by you if you want to save some time.


The first issue is what furniture is in the room. The less furniture in a room, the easier it is to paint. If it’s not possible to move all the furniture into another room—or if the whole house is being painted—then it’s best to move the furniture into the center of the room where it can be covered with plastic or tarps. The painters need room to move around and bring in ladders.


What is hanging on walls will need to come down in order for walls to be painted. Most people remove all the nails or screws, and the walls are patched before painting. However, if you plan to hang your pictures in exactly the same places, then you don’t have to remove the hardware. Walls also have to be clean. In some cases, walls have to be cleaned with something like trisodium phosphate (TSP) before painting, for example if wallpaper has recently been removed. In children’s rooms, stickers need to come off the walls and doors.


If there is any trim that you want changed, you should do that before painting. If you wait, you can damage the new paint when you install new trim.

Other prep work really depends on the specific job. Sometimes closet doors are removed for painting. Often window treatments will have to come down while a room is being painted.

Usually all this prep work is done by your professional painters. If your home needs painting, call us in Vancouver at 604-835-5663, and talk to us about your painting needs.

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If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about your next painting project, then please call us at 604-835-5663.


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