How to Decide Whether to Hire a Professional Painter or Do It Yourself

by admin September 29th, 2021 in Choosing a Painting Service
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Painting is one of those trades, that many people like to try their hand at. And there is no doubt that for some small jobs, with practice, you could do a passable job. However, other types of painting are much more difficult, and require skills and experience.

Here’s our take on when you can try painting it yourself, and when you should definitely not even try.


Don’t even try. Ceilings are not easy to do. They are labor intensive and require special equipment. You will not want the ceiling paint spraying or bleeding onto other walls so lots of sheeting off will be required as well. If you have large ceilings, several ceilings, or ceiling more than one story high, then hire professionals.

Jobs Requiring Extra Equipment

If your job requires extra equipment that you don’t know how to use, hire professionals. For example if you have to climb on a roof to paint exterior trim, and have to be tied in for safety, you have no business up there. Let professionals who know how to rope off safely to the work

If You’re Not Sure What You Want

Hire professionals. They can explain what your choices are, show you samples finishes, and help you choose colours. Don’t go into a big project blind. Get some help.

If It’s a Big Project

One distinct advantage of hiring professionals is that the project will move faster. Professionals will be staffed, equipped, and experienced—to get it done. Fast and efficiently. If you have a big project in front of you, hire professionals. You won’t be sorry.

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