How Paint Maintenance Helps to Weatherproof Your Surrey Home

November 17th, 2022 in Exterior Painting
How Paint Maintenance Helps to Weatherproof Your Surrey Home

As we’re sure you know, the weather in Surrey and throughout the Lower Mainland is a damp oceanic climate. When paint is old, worn, cracked, or missing, water can penetrate the layer underneath, whether it is wood, stucco, or anything else. This exposure to the weather and the temperature changes associated with changing seasons will age your exterior prematurely. That is why it is so important to paint your exterior regularly.

Sealing the exterior

Exterior paint acts like to a seal to prevent moisture from entering the exterior shell. Having a fresh coat of paint keeps the elements out and the winter warmth inside.

It is very important to paint your home’s exterior on a regular basis. As soon as your exterior paint is crinkling, chipping, or worn away, it is time to repaint. Not only will the home look a hundred times better, but it actually helps to protect what is underneath the paint.

Paint quality

Good paint is never cheap, and a high resin to pigment ratio ensures that you are getting the best exterior seal possible for your home. Your professional painter will choose paint specifically designed for outside applications.

Other benefits

In addition to keeping moisture out of the under layers, fresh paint looks good. A new coat of paint can significantly improve your curb appeal if you are in the market to sell. Not only does the house with new paint look more polished, but potential buyers understand the importance of new paint for protecting the home underneath.

Whether the whole exterior needs painting or just the trim, get the painting done. Exterior painting can be performed in the winter and if you wait too long, you may have to do repairs to the trim, soffits, eaves, and fascia because of exposure to the weather before you can repaint.

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