Dos and Don’ts of Interior Trim Painting

February 17th, 2023 in Interior Painting
Dos and Don’ts of Interior Trim Painting

We are professional painters, and we always recommend using professionals to get a polished result. Nevertheless, many home owners try to do at least a little painting on their own. In today’s blog article we’re going to talk about painting trim, and give you some dos and don’ts.


Whether you are painting trim that is already installed or new trim that has not been installed yet, the following applies:

Do prepare the trim surface, whether that means sanding or spackling blemishes or maybe needing a base coat or primer.

Do use the correct brushes for the application. Cheap brushes often leave bristles embedded in the paint or wood finish, so try to avoid them.

Do paint the trim before applying it if possible. If the trim is already up, then you cannot easily do that. For new trim, you always cut, test fit, then paint before it goes up.

Do test a colour if it’s unusual before buying a lot of paint. Try your colour around one window and make sure you love it before committing.

Do use painter’s tape around windows and doors if you do not have a steady hand. It makes clean-up easier.


Don’t use cheap brushes—see above.

Don’t use cheap paint. Cheap paint requires more of it to get a good finish. You will be sorry, and you will not save money.

Don’t use the wrong brush—see above. There are special, small, angled brushes specifically designed for painting trim. They give a much better result.

Last but not least, don’t except a professional finish if you are an amateur. Painters with training and years of experience do a neater and more professional job. That’s the truth.

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