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The Best Paints for Children’s Rooms

by admin January 28th, 2022 in Information
Children’s rooms usually have a lot of wear and tear because children are, well, busy! Here are some considerations for choosing paint for a child’s room.
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Painting is one of those trades, that many people like to try their hand at. And there is no doubt that for some small jobs, with practice, you could do a passable job. However, other types of painting are much more difficult, and require skills and experience.
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We Are Among The 3 Best Painters in Surrey, BC

by admin August 15th, 2021 in Information
We have some exciting news to share! We just received an email from ThreeBestRated that we are now a top 3 rated painting company in Surrey, BC. We wanted to write a short message to share the news and also to thank our clients for their continued support. This would not be possible without you!
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