Choosing a Painting Service

Need help choosing the right painting service? These articles look at the painting industry, and provide some guidance when choosing the right commercial or residential painting company in the Surrey, BC, area. Topics range from deciding when it's best to look for a professional painting company, to how to choosing the right interior painting service for your home.

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Residential Painting Contractor
Common mistakes when hiring a residential painting contractor include hiring a new company with no experience and no references. Read more here.
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Choosing a Great Residential Exterior Painter in Coquitlam
When choosing a professional residential painter for exterior work in Coquitlam, get a referral or look online and then get a free estimate. Read more here.
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Professional Interior Paint Job Inspection
There are many differences between a professional paint job and an amateur one. A trained eye will spot many of these differences quickly. Here’s our list of what you should look for if you are inspecting a professional paint job.
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