Can Exterior Home Painting Increase a Home’s Value?

June 17th, 2022 in Exterior Painting
Can Exterior Home Painting Increase a Home’s Value?

Painting the exterior of your home can have a significant positive effect on the home’s value. This is true everywhere including in Surrey and on the Lower Mainland. In today’s blog, we will talk about why that is.

Curb Appeal

Buying a home is a very emotional and personal decision. While many of us think that home buying is an intellectual and objective exercise, in fact, quite the opposite is true. Research supports that when potential buyers look at a home, they make an intuitive and emotional decision very quickly about whether they like the property or not.

After that initial impression, we follow what is called a confirmation bias, or then we look for and find other characteristics that support our initial positive or negative feeling. If we like something immediately, then we are biased to continue liking it.

The exterior paint quality of your Surrey home plays a huge role in curb appeal and first impressions. If your exterior paint is in bad shape and flaking off, that makes the house look in disrepair, no matter what else positive the house has going for it. Similarly, if the paint is the wrong colour, and looks dated or out of sync with the neighborhood, that also gives a poor first impression.

General Impressions

As the old saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Having a new, professionally done, exterior paint job on your home makes a great first impression. Seeing that the exterior looks great suggests to potential buyers that everything else in the house is also in good shape and in good repair.

Other Factors

In addition to the probable increase in property value, new exterior paint and an excellent curb appeal has other effects, as well. When selling a house, there is not just the issue of price, but also the speed at which the house gets sold. Time is money, and a desirable home will not only sell at a higher price, but it will sell faster, too.

If you are considering selling your home, let experts paint the exterior and give you the best chance for a higher price, a faster sale, and a very desirable property. For professional exterior painting in Surrey or on the Lower Mainland, give us a call at (604) 910-4828. We are experienced professionals who will give you the professional results you need for your property value.

Level 5 Painting are experienced and dependable interior and exterior, residential and commercial painters based in Surrey, British Columbia. The Level 5 Painting crew performs at the highest industry standards to exceed your expectations and deliver painting projects with phenomenal results. 

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about your next painting project, then please call us at (604) 910-4828.

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