4 Creative Wall Painting Techniques for the Home

October 23rd, 2023 in Interior Painting
4 Creative Wall Painting Techniques for the Home

If you are interested in adding a little zest to your walls, there are some different painting techniques that you can try. In today’s blog we are going to talk about some of the easier techniques that you can try yourself or ask your professional painter to do for you.


Stripes can be beautiful on walls. They can be vertical or horizontal, and all the same width or with one colour one width and a second colour a different width. You can even have a third colour. Have a look online to see what the effects look like.

Different Colour Ceiling

You can have a lot of fun with making the ceiling a different colour. Most ceilings are white, but you can make your ceiling the same colour as the walls or even a contrasting or brighter colour.

Half-Painting Walls

This is an interesting technique that mimics having wainscoting. Instead of wood on the lower third of your walls, you paint the lower third (or half) a darker colour than the top half. This technique makes your walls look like you have some architectural details that you actually do not have.


Stencils allow you to add repeat patterns to painted walls using a paper or plastic cut-out stencil that you place, paint over, and move, over and over again. You can do partial or full walls. The effect mimics wallpaper or tile, but it is just paint.

Many of these techniques can be beautiful if done well, but may be very unsightly if done carelessly. If you want to try one, practice first and make sure you like the colours and effects before committing to your front room and bold colours.

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